Junior Golf Accelerator

Players must have had previous golf instruction.

Players must be able to carry their own golf bags on the course.

Space based on availability. No make-ups or refunds for missed classes.

Classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather.

The Golf Accelerator allows players work at their own pace within a team environment.

 Here are just a few reasons why we believe this coaching model works.


Better environment to:

 Learn life and golf skills.

   Make friends and be outside.

   Motivate players to improve by having them be part of the process.

  Compete with others in a productive setting.

   Keep over training and teaching from burning juniors out.

Increase time with coaches without incurring additional expense.

 The Junior Golf Accelerator is a weekly class designed for emerging juniors who want to advance their golf skills and get on course experiences.

Our integrated approach offers a combination of skill acquisition and development, supervised practice and playing opportunities. The goal is to promote greater enjoyment, more confidence, faster acquisition of strategies and skills

that ultimately lead to a better performance.




Ages 8-12 



Registration open 9/22 at 8am: