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Our mission is to empower young girls through the game of golf

Our Values

It's our goal that every girl who comes in contact with our program will always feel Important, Appreciated, Respected, Supported, and Safe.

Whether they are with us for a season, a day, or even just an hour, her experience with our program will stay with her for life.

Our Goals

  • Keeping girls ENGAGED in sports and increasing RETENTION

  • Instilling CONFIDENCE and inspiring girls to live ACTIVE lifestyles

  • Providing social opportunities and lifelong FRIENDSHIPS

  • NEVER turn away a girl based on financial need

Why Join?

  • Meet new friends from the Bay Area and find golf buddies.

  • Be a mentor to younger players.

  • Get better at golf through clinics, mini-tournaments and instruction.

  • Gain confidence, try new things and push your comfort zone.

Member Benefits

  • Receive Girls Golf Swag- hats, balls markers, bags etc.

  • Access to Girls Golf Leadership Academies, LPGA Tour Clinics and experiences.

  • Eligible to apply for LPGA Foundation college scholarships.

  • Eligible to apply for FWGA Empowerment Scholarships.

Our Philosophy

We create experiences that help girls fall in love with the game!

Golf is a transformative sport that inherently teaches valuable life lessons like honesty and perseverance…not to mention a good sense of humor! As one of the few sports that can be played for life, golf can also enrich lives and open doors for girls who want to play for fun, compete at the highest level, or to help advance their future careers. 

With this in mind, we’ve made it our mission to provide girls with the best chance to fall in love with the game by creating girl-friendly environments to help them learn and thrive! 

Fun is our hook, and, once we have the girls’ attention, we help teach them life skills all girls need like positive self-image, finding their voice, and learning to lead.

Why girl-friendly?

We’re glad you asked! Research consistently shows that girls reap the biggest rewards when learning in all-girl environments, which helps them feel more comfortable and gives them a space where they are free to be themselves. 

Girls Golf sites make learning the game fun, social, and less-intimidating for girls who are just starting out, or want to play with other girls who share their interest in the game. 

Our girl-friendly golf programs:

  • Offer gender-specific programming and activities for girls

  • Include social and non-golf opportunities to create lasting friendships

  • Give girls positive, female role models and mentors

  • Provide girls opportunities to lead and give back by volunteering as mentors

  • And inspire girls to live active and healthy lives

Which in turn helps girls:

  • Feel more comfortable learning and developing skills

  • Have heightened confidence in their abilities

  • ready to embrace self-expression and communication

  • And feel more comfortable engaging in group activities


Sometimes it’s NOT about Golf!

LPGA*USGA Girls Golf sites offer instruction from certified LPGA and PGA golf professionals who are passionate about sharing the game they love with juniors…and they’re equally as passionate about having fun while they do! 

It’s our philosophy that everyone should learn the FUNdamentals of the game of golf. With this in mind, we pride ourselves in delivering golf instruction through engaging activities to foster learning and development. 

A typical Girls Golf event could include anything from hitting marshmallows out of a bunker, taking a field trip to a professional golf tournament, or hosting a pirate-themed golf competition. Yep, that’s right – pirates! Creativity is Queen when it comes to Girls Golf, and we’re not afraid to think outside of the box!

The Five E's

We believe girls can do anything they set their minds to, which is why we teach them more than just the game of golf, we inspire them for the game of life too. 

The “Five E’s” support our mission and give Girls Golf programs the opportunity to focus on teaching vital life skills that are specific to development for girls like developing confidence, finding their own voice, identifying their talents, and inspiring them to live active and healthy lifestyles.



We ENRICH girls lives by expanding their minds and horizons

Girls Golf programs teach more than just stance and swing. Through our connection with the USGA (the governing body of the game of golf) Girls Golf members also gain a deeper understanding rules, history, and science behind the game of golf. Girls Golf members who aspire to compete in college or on Tour are also connected with resources and education to help them reach their goals.


We ENERGIZE girls with passion for the game of golf

We strive to teach and retain young girls in the game by looking for THEIR points of entry into learning and enjoying the sport, which sometimes means putting down the 7 iron and creating time for fun games and activities that catch their attention. Often we'll cut the drills short to throw a golf fashion show, pizza party, water balloon toss . . . the list goes on and on. We’re not afraid to have some fun and take a few detours along the way!


We EMPOWER girls with confidence and inspire them to dream BIG 

Each Girls Golf site provides girls with quality golf instruction overseen by LPGA or PGA teaching professionals who are experts in creating competent and confident golfers. We pride ourselves in connecting our members with teachers who can take them from beginner to advanced players and who are passionate about sharing the game they love. By helping girls develop their skills on the golf course, we empower them with confidence off the course too!


We ENGAGE girls with positive female role models and mentors

For parents looking for role models for their young girls, they can feel confident in those provided by the LPGA. Girls Golf is the only national youth organization with a direct connection to the players on the LPGA and Symetra Tours. By connecting girls with women they can aspire to be like, girls inherently begin expanding their own horizons. 

Girls Golf sites also partner with the members of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals, who are passionate about inspiring girls to achieve and serve as instructors and mentors for girls across the country.


We EXERCISE girls’ minds and bodies helping them unlock their full potential

Did you know that playing a round of golf is equivalent to a 5 mile walk or a 3.5 mile run? Not only is golf one of the few sports you can play and enjoy for a lifetime, but it offers a number of health benefits. Girls Golf sites not only exercise girls' bodies but also incorporate fitness and nutrition education into their programming and inspire girls to lead active and healthy lifestyles.

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