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KMR Golf Academy now partnered
with SQAIRZ Golf Shoes


KMR Golf Academy is excited to partner with the most innovative golf shoe on the market, Sqairz.

The shoe that helps you hit it further!

A recent Golf Laboratories independent test of SQAIRZ vs leading golf footwear brands, amateur golfers ranging from a +2 to an 18 handicap saw the following results:

  • Swing speed: +2.2 mph

  • Driving distance: +8.8 yards

  • An 18 hcp increased his swing speed 5 mph and driving distance 18 yards.

  • He is now an 11 hcp.

Go to Sqairz website and order your pair today!

Watch your game change!

Use Code KMR when checking out and receive:

  • $10 off your purchase 

  • Free shoe carry case

  • Free pair of socks.

More from Sqairz Founder

How You Generate More Distance With SQAIRZ


There are two connections in golf; your hands to the club and your feet to the ground. Your connection to the ground (golf shoes) facilitates hip rotation, swing speed, balance/stability, and accuracy. SQAIRZ’s unique design broke the mold of traditional shoes to provide better balance/stability and ground reaction force, resulting in increased swing speed and more consistent accuracy. This is all documented below with proven science and independent testing.”
Robert Winskowicz, SQAIRZ Founder

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