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Meet Kathleen

US Kids Top 50 Master Coach

The Coach, Teaching Philosophy and Environment

Mission Statement:
Provide a comprehensive learning experience for players of all abilities and goals. Deliver simple and logical golf instruction so students can be their own best coach.

Kathleen is an award winning LPGA Teaching Professional and Player Developmental Coach in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She founded KMR Golf, Inc. to impact and change lives through golf, bridging the gap between her playing and instructional career.


Teaching Philosophy

Achieve – I teach people, not methods. I focus on individual’s abilities and golf goals.

Together with my students we create an "improvement blueprint". This highly personalized

method facilitates rapid skill acquisition and the development of inner confidence ensuring

a more enjoyable golfing experience.


Beliefs – Every golfer has “their” story. I think it important to find out how and why they have chosen to take a golf lesson or join a group class. This is information helps me to identify learning styles and tailor my instruction and coaching based on the needs, athletic ability, and goals of each student. 



Passion -   I am committed and dedicated LPGA Professional with a deep and genuine love and passion for the game of golf that is infectious. My passion motivates me to improve as an instructor, seek ways to communicate more effectively, increase my knowledge base and build a more creative approach to teaching.


                                      Purpose - I am results driven and action oriented with the ability to overcome obstacles                                                                by being highly adaptive in competitive and changing environments. I have a breadth and                                                                        depth of experience and knowledge, bringing together elements from diverse fields and                                                                            disciplines in creative and innovative ways for greater impact.

                                     Joy - I love when a new golfer makes solid contact and the ball goes into the air. The sheer                                                                  joy and excitement are exhilarating for both my student and me. I try to focus on the small victories and help my students to find happiness in each step along their golf journey, even the stumbles. The goal is to enjoy the process as much as the outcomes.

Teaching Environment

My goal is to create an environment for my students to learn, explore and fail safely. I want it to be a “judgement free” zone.

Fun is the priority. I love when my students find joy in themselves and treat each moment as its own small victory.


Kathleen's golf philosophy has been shaped by her first hand experiences with some of golf's greatest teachers including Mike Adams, Terry Rowles, Josh Zander, Hank Haney, Jim Hardy and Jimmy Ballard. She is a LPGA Professional, former mini-tour professional, TPI Fitness Instructor & Junior 2 Coach, Certified US Kids Top 50 Instructor, Positive Coaching Alliance Double-Goal Coach, Lead Coach for The First Tee of the East Bay and a Top 100 Club fitter for Mizuno USA.

The Player

Kathleen Robinson, LPGA Professional

Kathleen Robinson began playing golf in 1995, while working in the Central African Republic.  Just 2 years later, she qualified for her first National Tournament, the 1997 USGA Public Links Championship. Kathleen turned professional in 1999, and chose to develop her skills while playing on various mini-tours including The Futures Tour, Players West, and Canadian Women’s Tour. In 2001, she qualified and played in the US Women's Open at Pine Needles.  Kathleen has had more than a dozen top ten professional finishes including a Win at the 2006 Tennessee Open.  She continues to play professionally when she is not teaching.

Kathleen Robinson, LPGA Professional
Kathleen Robinson, KMR Golf Academy
Postive coaching alliance
V1 Golf swing analysis
Kathleen is TPI Junior 2 Certified
Kathleen Robinson US Kids certified instructor
Kathleen is TPI Certified
Boditrak Certified Instructor
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