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Lynn D.

Look no further - Kathleen is your coach - especially if you are looking to get your child into golf.  My nephew has been participating in her Golf Academy.  She really has an outstanding approach and strategy to getting you to be your best but also an amazing personality who is amazing with kids.   If I still lived in the bay area I would be taking lessons from her as well.

MSK Walnut Creek

A long-time golfer, I'm just back after 5 yrs due to an injury. My husband & I signed up for duet lessons with Kathleen, and are on our 2nd 3 lesson series with her. After my first 2 lessons, I took roughly 10 strokes off of my handicap! Kathleen is extremely knowledgeable, a clear communicator, a great teacher & lots of fun. We have range lessons, pitching & chipping lessons, & great hour long lessons on the course. Kathleen is passionate about the game. If you're serious about improving your game, she's the one.

Steve M.

Simply put, Kathleen provides excellent instruction in an exceptionally enjoyable, insightful manner. Have utilized many instructors in my ten plus years of golf, Kathleen is by far the best. Understands multiple swing theories and is able to identify principles that best fit you as an individual. Is also highly skilled at identifying an approach that best resolves the various swing issues that we all encounter. Gifted at continuously improving players of all levels of ability, experience and fitness. Exceptional with younger players as well. Hated seeing her leave the Washington, DC area, but our loss is California's gain.

Kate H.

Just finished 4 lessons with Kathleen. She was an expert at seeing my problems and directing me to fix them. I appreciated her reviewing the videos of my swing, stance etc and pointing out what was right and what needed to be changed. Besides her professional help, she is delightful to have as and instructor.

Sharon A.

Kathleen was so patient with me while I was taking lessons. I was so happy that I had someone like her to teach me. Very patient and encouraging.

Brett E.

Bridgestone Golf is so proud to have Kathleen as a Staff Professional. Kathleen is the model professional in all aspects of the golf industry. She is an absolute difference maker and a true asset to the game. Her passion and enthusiam continue to motivate those around her.

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