Junior Lessons

One on One Player Development

One on One

KMR Golf Academy offers one on one private sessions for juniors ages 7-17.

Private sessions are great way to help your junior golfer develop and refine the golf skills needed play and enjoy the game of golf. The one on one attention is designed to work with each junior on their individual needs at their current skill level. Golfers are assessed at their first session and then a long-term developmental plan will be created, ensuring each player has a pathway to success based on their interest and skills.

Private Lessons- Single Junior

30 minutes-$55
(ages 7-17)
45 minutes-$70
(ages 12-17) 

60 minutes must be
approved by Kathleen

Private lessons are best suited for juniors who have some experience, previous instruction or who have participated in group classes/summer camps.
Juniors should have their own clubs for private lessons.