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KMR Academy

KMR Golf Academy

KMR Golf Academy is excited to partner 

with Lake Chabot GC.

Get better today !

Lake Chabot Golf Course
Kathleen Robinson, Owner KMR Golf Academy

Kathleen Robinson

Kathleen is a LPGA Teaching Professional and Player Developmental Coach in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a US Kids Top 50 Coach and owner of the

KMR Golf Academy. Kathleen believes in the power

 of sport and the lifelong transformational effect it

can have. She uses a "student centered" approach

 to help her students meet and exceed their golf goals.

V1 Golf software
US Kid Golf
US Kids Caoch
LPGA professional
TPI Certifed Golf Fitness Professional
superspeed golf
TPI Junior Coach 2
postive coaching alliance
US Kids Golf Master Coach


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