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Mindset & Strategy for the Junior Golfer

Playing Lessons

Playing Lessons are ideal for juniors who want to apply their experience in individual lessons or workshops through specialized attention working on mindset and strategy while on the course.

Playing lessons are typically 2.5-3 hours, 6-9 holes, and includes time spent both before and after the round.  

1 on 1

Mindset & Strategy 1 on 1 lessons are for all players that want to directly address aspects of mindset, strategy, and the mental game in a personalized, supportive setting. This setting will be collaboratively geared towards identifying areas of improvement and growth, creating mental training and preparation plans to instill techniques to help you improve your performance. Whether that means to lower your scores or simply get more enjoyment from the game, we will find a way to raise your level of play!

Meet Charles Todaro

Charles Todaro is a mental training and performance coach that believes fostering relationships is the basis for working with individuals in all aspects of life. His main goal at KMR Golf Academy is to help players get the most out of your physical training and nurture positive mental engagement.

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