Mindset & Strategy

Mental Game Training Seminar

Want to get more from your golf game? Do you spend the same amount of time sharpening your mental game as you do working on your technical game?

1 on 1 Coaching

Designed for all players who want to directly address aspects of mindset, strategy, and the mental game in a personalized, supportive setting. 




Playing Lessons

Designed for players who want to directly apply their experience from individual lessons or workshops through specialized attention working on mindset and strategy while on the course.  




Designed for the junior who currently or wants to play competitive golf  or a junior interested in building a strong mentality for future tournament play. 

Meet Charles Todaro

Charles Todaro is a Mental Training Coach and former competitive amateur golfer. His main goal is to support athlete’s well-being, as they build self-awareness and skills that will help them to perform their best.  He has years of experience working with junior golfers of all ages, from beginner players to Division I college prospects with wins on the AJGA tour and in other major Junior Amateur events. He has worked with NCAA golfers, other NCAA teams and athletes, professional athletes, and is part of a sport psychology consulting team for major professional sport organizations. He has a Masters in Sport Psychology and is pursuing a doctorate in Clinical Sport and Neuropsychology.  

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