KMR V1 Online Academy


Lessons without Borders!
Never miss out on an opportunity to improve!


The KMR Golf V1 Online Academy was created to provide a continuous stream of access and learning.
You can take video of your swing during practice sessions on the range,
the golf course or anywhere you can swing a club!





Here how it works:

1.) Click above and purchase your customized  V1 online swing analysis. 

2.) Record your swing from face on and down the line and email it to me with a Driver and 6 iron, along with your phone number.

3.) If you already have an account, click on the V1 Golf Academy button below.   


4.) I will analyze your swing and upload it to your  "personalized locker" where all your swings will be stored and available for

your viewing at anytime and you will receive a 15 minute follow-up email with areas to improve and drills.

5) Sit back and know that within 48 hours, you will be on your way to improvement!



V1 Online Academy
KMR Golf V1 Virtual Academy
 Any questions??  Get in touch today!


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