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The Players Series

The Players Series is designed for players  to  develop and fine tune golf skills needed to play, improve and compete.  This is a holistic athlete development approach addresses the four domains of sports performance- technical, physical,  tactical and psychological. Weekly 









The Players Series allows players work at their own pace within a team environment.

 Here are just a few reasons why we believe this coaching model works.


Better environment to:

 Learn life and golf skills.

   Make friends and be outside.

   Motivate players to improve by having them be part of the process.

  Compete with others in a productive setting.

   Keep over training and teaching from burning juniors out.

Increase time with coaches without incurring additional expense.

Space based on availability. 

Flexible Options

  Best suited for players ages 13-17. All players should have had some kind of formal instruction and a working

knowledge of the rules and etiquette.  Not intended for Beginners.

Please check with Kathleen at to make sure this is a good fit for your golfer.

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