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High School Prep Camps

July 29 & 30


Play Better, Score Better and Have Some Serious Fun!

Time to Level Up!

Competitive golf requires commitment, creativity and the desire to work hard towards your goals! The staff at the KMR Golf Academy want to help and guide on your journey to the next level.  Our 2 -day intensive coed camps are designed with the focus on improving and fine-tuning all aspects of the game.


The morning curriculum offers skill assessments, technique development and practice opportunities. Mid-day campers will break for lunch. Afternoons will offer on-course playing lessons focusing on pre/post shot routines, course management, decision making, trouble shots, mental game plan development, breathing and visualization techniques.


The KMR Golf Academy integrated and holistic approach offers technical-focused instruction and coaching, diverse practice and play experiences, a fun social environment, and empowering competitive experience. We believe this structure will lead to a greater enjoyment of golf, more confidence, faster acquisition of strategies and skills and ultimately better performance!


Some of the technologies we will be using:

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